High-profile visitors at the Merzig health campus in the Kreuzberg outpatient rehabilitation centre EAP

On 7 November 2018, the Saarland Minister for Health, Social Affairs, Women and the Family, Ms Monika Bachmann, accompanied by Mayor Marcus Hoffeld, visited the Kreuzberg EAP rehabilitation centre, M. & M. Werding in the town of Merzig.

Minister Bachmann was welcomed by the management, Maximilian and Maria Werding, and the leading doctors, Dr. med. Wolfgang Reiter, specialist for surgery, accident and orthopaedic surgery, physician, and Mr. Rüdiger Guß, specialist for general and nutritional medicine.

During the tour, the Minister showed great interest especially in the therapy concepts of the rehabilitation centre and the physiotherapy facility. She was equally interested in the officially accredited academy of the rehabilitation centre, the interdisciplinary rehabilitation training certificate stipulated by professional associations and health insurance companies, and medical training therapies, equipment-based physiotherapy, medical therapy procedures in rehabilitation and practice, as well as clinical examination and documentation for physiotherapists, certified sports teachers, masseurs and occupational therapists.
Minister Bachmann intrigued and amazed at the size of the centre and that their facilities offered the latest know-how.

She was also very interested in the rehabilitation centre's own patent, the “Werdig Suspended Walking Apparatus”, which is unique in the world. She informed herself about the therapy concepts carried out according to rehabilitation phase plans worked out in initial examinations, which are carried out for each individual patient in the rehabilitation area of the rehabilitation facility as well as in the physiotherapy facility of the Kreuzberg rehabilitation centre EAP.

She was pleasantly surprised by the team of therapists, who carried out interdisciplinary therapies at a high level and, like all employees of the centre, have a very pleasant way of dealing with patients, which indicates a very good working atmosphere and confirmed the very good reputation of the Kreuzberg EAP rehabilitation centre that she had heard of.

Minister Bachmann had animated conversations with the patients, all of whom were very enthusiastic about her. The way she took an interest in all matters and, above all, communicated in a very personal manner, confirmed that she is extremely appreciated.
Minister Monika Bachmann complimented the management, Maria and Maximilian Werding, on their success in turning a small physiotherapy practice, which they founded in 1971, into a recognised rehabilitation centre which is regarded as equivalent to rehabilitation clinics.