Health and Beauty through Endermology®

Practically every woman (approx. 80%) has cellulite to some degree or other – the cause is well-known:

In contrast to men, a woman’s hormonal balance impedes the breakdown of fat in the outer layers of the skin, the connective tissue and in the deep fat deposits. A typically female phenomenon, then, occurring primarily on the thighs, hips, belly and bottom.

Nature has equipped the female body to put on fat reserves for special situations, e.g. pregnancies. For the body to break down these fat reserves again is often difficult. Apart from a balanced diet and sport, targeted massages in particular help reduce cellulite or – depending on the skin type – remove it completely. But it is also very important to prevent cellulite forming when the first signs appear.

And that's where the outstanding effect of ENDERMOLOGY® comes in

Endermology® Celluliteis the name of the unique therapy principle from France. This new technique opens up fundamentally new options for treating connective tissue disorders such as cellulite and wrinkling.

Endermology® is an electronically controlled physiotherapy

The clinical effects of Endermology® treatment have been documented in numerous scientific studies. Histological series of studies have shown that endermological therapy stimulates the regeneration of fibroblasts – the main cells of connective tissue – and collagen growth, and increases the number of elastin fibres. The result is practically a rejuvenation course for the connective tissue.

The effect of treating venous and lymphatic vessel channels at the same time is like that of lymph drainage, only substantially more precise. Any existing build-up of fluid or oedemas drain off. The intensive mechanical effect on the subcutaneous tissue stimulates the circulation and flushes out toxic substances from the organism. Another effect of Endermology® is that it increases blood supply to skin tissue.

When applying Endermology® the therapist chooses between various forms of movement to give the best treatment for the patient’s particular body type. It is especially effective in combating the dreaded cellulite (“orange skin”), as the treatment head works directly on the subcutaneous connective tissue.

Regular treatment tones subcutaneous tissue and skin, stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin fibres, and in this way even “remodels” the body contours. Endermological therapy after a liposuction operation can measurably reduce the formation of oedemas.

Endermology® treatments last about 35 minutes and should be carried out once or twice a week; a treatment cycle should involve between 14 and 20 sessions.

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