The Kreuzberg Health & Rehab Centre, Merzig county town

Maximilan Werding and Maria Werding: The Rehabilitation Centre in Kreuzberg, Merzig

We provide services by a selected team of therapists and medical practitioners. These include a broad spectrum of rehabilitation measures: such as extended ambulant rehabilitation physiotherapy, sport-injury rehabilitation, accident- and sickness gymnastics, massages and medical baths, cardiological rehabilitation according to the Heidelberg Model, as well as rehabilitation after strokes and brain damage and much more.

Outpatient rehabilitation for casualties and trauma patients in top-level sport, orthopaedics, surgery, internal medicine, neurology. Treatments from a team of therapists under medical supervision of specialists in surgery, accident surgery, orthopaedic surgery, hand surgery, accident insurance consultants; outpatient operation centre.

Maximilian Werding and Thomas Werding, the Director Therapists:

"Alongside the services provided by our Specialist Academy we offer for example instructor training for back-therapy school, spine gymnastics, gymnastics for rheumatic patients, aqua-jogging gymnastics, aqua-jogging training, pelvic base gymnastics and special health training and rehabilitation sport’."

Strong Networks

The Health & Rehabilitation Center Kreuzberg is a therapy center that is professionally recognized for treatment in the German Scoliosis Network and the Saarland Fibromyalgia Network

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