Integration-oriented mission statement of the outpatient rehabilitation centre Kreuzberg EA

Self-conception and mission

Our guiding principles are based on the integration-oriented rehabilitation outlined in social security code IX. We feel committed to this foundation.
Besides attaining the best possible individual physical and psychological state of health, rehabilitation is also aimed at promoting independence in day-to-day life and integration in the life of society on an equal footing..


Key activities

Our activities are focussed on the human being. The well-being of the patient comes first. We have made it our mission to meet his or her needs. Friendly, attentive, respectful, calm and courteous interaction with the patient is our top priority.

The praxis is aimed at the best possible care, consultancy and treatment of patients while maintaining their human dignity and individuality, irrespective of their social status.
To achieve this, we bank on recognized and well-founded therapeutic methods/proposals/services for whose application we have reached a special aptitude by way of qualification measures.

The employees positively represent the Kreuzberg EAP rehabilitation centre in public by way of their personal manner and their conduct towards patients and other contact persons.

The Kreuzberg EAP rehabilitation centre works in a cost-conscious and success-oriented manner and can rely on a broad spectrum of modern equipment. The foundations of our work include cleanliness and unreserved compliance with statutory hygiene regulations, occupational safety and environment-friendly practices.

On the basis of reliable scientific findings, we ensure holistic patient care by the application of modern technologies. One important aim is the permanent improvement of our services by the application of quality management and continuous further and advanced training. We actively contribute our skill and expertise by means of consultancy and information.

We cooperate with our partners constructively and flexibly adapt ourselves to society's needs. We work in a team with personal responsibility for our respective field of activity and competence. Transparency, collegiality, openness and humaneness are management principles. Every member of our staff makes an important contribution to the overall result of our Kreuzberg EAP rehabilitation centre with his or her work. We work in a budget-conscious and success-oriented manner. Our rehabilitation centre is operated in keeping with ecological and economical considerations.

Our objectives are contented patients and employees, social appreciation and our own success on the basis of meeting social needs in society.

Communication of the guiding principles

Our mission statement has been drawn up by the management with the involvement of the staff. It is regularly reviewed and updated.
This mission statement is published in several places as a placard. Patients and staff enjoy unrestricted access to our mission statement during opening times.

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