List of Therapeutic Indications for outpatient rehabilitation measures

Spinal column disorders with severe symptoms

Rehabilitation treatment following the conservative or post-operative treatment of illnesses or injury involving orthopaedic trauma surgery, e.g.:

  • disorders of the locomotor system
  • degenerative and inflammatory changes in the locomotor system
  • degenerative spinal column illnesses
  • condition after intervertebral disc operations
  • condition after fractures of the extremities, spinal column and pelvis
  • condition after ruptures of the vein and ligament, as well as muscle injuries
  • condition after multiple traumas
  • condition after joint replacement
  • condition after corrective operation of the locomotor system
  • condition after tumour illness (after chemotherapy or radiotherapy)
  • condition after amputation (before fitting of prosthesis)
  • condition with osteoporosis
  • condition with chronic pain syndrome inflammatory rheumatic illness

Likewise in neurology

  • condition after strokes
  • condition after cranial brain trauma
  • condition after Parkinson’s disease
  • condition after multiple sclerosis
  • condition after spinal cord disorders (paraplegia, condition following spinal cord operations)
  • condition after polyneuropathy

Internal Medicine

  • cardiovascular disease (condition after cardiac infarct, high blood pressure)
  • disease of the respiratory organs
  • vascular disease (lymphatic/venous, venous/arterial)
  • metabolic disease/risk factors (RR/diabetes mellitus/blood fats/hypothyroidism)